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Spreading Adoption Through Education 

Bringing you up to speed with the most relevant topics for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and the Lightning Network.  Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify in the links below.  Or you can download the episodes straight from this site. 

Feb 27, 2019

Allen Piscitello breaks down how Liquid Bitcoin works including the Federation, Confidential Transactions, and Confidential Assets.  We also briefly touch on the Lightning Network and hardware wallets towards the end.  




Feb 6, 2019

Joost Jager from Lightning Labs talks about his pull request called "Hold Invoices" and the different types of use cases it enables as well as Lightning Network routing.  



*Show Notes*

Feb 1, 2019

SoCal Lightning hosted Rui and Joao from OpenNode and Justin from Bitrefill on a panel to talk about the Lightning Network.  They discussed where Lightning Network development is at today, what needs to be improved, and what they expect to be accomplished in 2019.